4 Week CNA Classes

Those wishing to qualify as a certified nursing assistant can take advantage of 10, 6 or even 4-week courses in order to learn the practical skills they need, attend lectures and take an exam. Courses that last for only 4 weeks are by nature intensive, and a lot of instruction is packed into a short space of time. While there may be less time for home study during a 4-week course, many people find that the intensive method works well for them, as they immerse themselves in the knowledge they’re gaining and the methodology with which they need to be familiar.

CNA Expectations

Certified nursing assistants are expected to perform a variety of duties in order to provide everyday health care. They tend to the basic needs of patients and need to be familiar with a range of issues and competent in a number of important areas of healthcare. Students undertaking 4 week CNA classes should expect to learn a lot in a short space of time. Under the supervision of a qualified nurse they will learn how to perform a variety of healthcare tasks such as making patients comfortable, reading vital signs, coping with difficult situations and managing hygiene. While 4-week courses might not provide the comprehensive training of longer courses, the emphasis on studying the most important aspects of the role serves qualified students well when they enter the workplace.

Intensive Learning

An intensive CNA training program will normally involve 75 hours of tuition, of which 24 hours will be dedicated to practical, hands-on experience in a real healthcare facility or a laboratory. The remaining 51 hours will be taken up by classroom learning. During the 4-week course candidates will have been told which course books to read to get the knowledge they need to do the job and pass the test. Sample questions should also have been made available. Various institutions offer intensive courses for those wishing to become certified registered nurses, or going as far as earning your Rn to BSN.

CNA Course Assessment

At the end of the course students are required to pass a test before being certified. The test consists of 60 graded multiple-choice questions and practical tasks that are observed by a registered nurse. Successful candidates will be able to enter the job market as soon as they’re certified and will hopefully find a wide selection of jobs open to them.

Rewards of Becoming a CNA

Certified Nurses Assistants form a vital part of the health service. They perform many of the basic tasks that keep patients safe and maintain their quality of life. In this context, those who successfully complete a 4-week CNA course can expect a morally rewarding career. There’s a growing demand for certified nurse’s assistants, so completing a 4-week course is a good way to achieve stability and job security. There are opportunities for advancement, as further courses of study can easily be undertaken, and employers sponsor many of them. For those who are thinking of advancing within the healthcare profession, a 4-week course will provide a good introduction to the workplace and the basic skills necessary for nursing.